osmanthus jelly 桂花糕 + blog

I’ve just finished my diet and have been craving sweets like no other! Sadly I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s bad to binge eat on the things you couldn’t eat right after your diet because it’s bad for your health and the weight will fluctuate…

But I looked in my fridge yesterday and I found lychees and decided that I wanted to make osmanthus jelly, which I haven’t eaten in a super long time!


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yam fries

Since my diet is so limited now I keep thinking every single day what can I eat, what should I eat for dinner.. and to be honest, it’s really quite annoying because I can’t eat this because it has this, or I can’t eat that because of that. One of the only things that I’ve allowed myself cheat on is fries, so I wanted to make a healthier alternative to that – yam fries! (find them)


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I think this is the first time I’m posting something that I didn’t bake but actually cooked on here – what an achievement! I prefer baking over cooking because I like sweet things more, plus with baking you usually use the same ingredients (which I am guaranteed to have inside the house) whereas when you cook you can use so many more things. Baking is also more precise and exact, but cooking you can wing – I’m not too comfortable with that. Having said that, these meatballs are super easy to make and don’t take that much time, plus they’re healthy for you since you actually know what’s inside of them!


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nutella-filled white cupcakes with chocolate whip

The first of two things I made today! A few weeks ago I bought 2 boxes of cake mix (I can’t bake cakes for my life and the cake mix is actually really good, even though it’s a bit sweet) to bake a birthday cake, but I never got the chance to do it. So I decided I should probably use the mix today and I decided to use the white cake mix to make some cupcakes!


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